Skeleton leaves

Raw Material: Delicate skelettonised rubber tree leaves

Scent: No Scent

Light fastness: Strong

Abrasion resistance: strong

Vibrancy: Balanced

Backing: Golden Paper

Format: Rolled goods, width: 1,360 mm

MOQ: 1 m² (≙ ca. 0.74 running metre)

Weight: 230 g/m2

Thickness: 0,3 mm

Flexibility: bending radius up to 2 mm

Translucency: opaque


Real, skeletonized big rubber tree leaves create a natural sense of lightness and elegance in your interior design. The shimmering golden background highlights the delicate, filigree structure design of the surface and creates glamourous statements for your interior.

  • the delicate and filigree structure of the surface creates sophisticated statements in interior design
  • the golden paper creates an elegant effect
  • the golden shimmering surface with leaves in natural raw white looks luxurious and conveys lightness


Skeleton leaves are real rubber tree leaves. Through a drying process, only the structure of the leaves remains. This creates a unique eye-catcher. For our surfaces, the leaves are hand-picked and placed on the backings individually. This way, we can ensure the consistent high quality of the surface.

  • the delicate and intricate structure of this surface creates a sense of elegance and lightness
  • odourless, skeletonized leaves in a natural off-white colour create calm, yet striking accents
  • hand-picked and placed individually


Our FSC-certified paper is a real eye-catcher in interior design. The golden material is part of the tasteful design of the surface. The look of the golden sheen changes with the light and angle – an exciting material, creating highlights in interior spaces.