Moss Mix

Raw Material: Colourful mix of light and dark green moss

Scent: Mild

Light fastness: Balanced

Abrasion resistance: strong

Vibrancy: strong

Backing: Flax Backing

Format: Rolled goods, width: 1,360 mm

MOQ: 1 m² (≙ ca. 0.74 running metre)

Weight: 665 g/m2

Thickness: 0,8 mm

Flexibility: Bending radii up to 0,5 mm

Translucency: opaque


Get the experience of the forest in interior spaces – with this colourful green surface made from real moss. A mix of light and dark green moss creates a forest-like look. The bright green colour and the moisture-regulating properties of our moss create a sense of freshness in your interior design. The interior climate is improved and our well-being is increased.

  • the moisture-regulating properties of our moss improve the interior climate
  • the biophilic design of the surfaces increases wellbeing and reduces stress
  • the mix of green hues creates a natural effect


Our coloured, light and dark green moss mix is one of our upcycling materials. It is a waste product, which we carefully clean and craft, mostly manually, into high-end natural surfaces. The entire process is subject to strict quality controls.
  • moss binds pollutants from the air
  • upcycled moss
  • moss has moisture-regulating properties, even after being dried and processed


Our flax backing is made from natural components and certified OEKO TEX® STANDARD 100. Its temperature-regulating, noise-cancelling and moisture-regulating properties support a natural and healthy indoor climate. The flexible eco-friendly material is light-permeable and suited for a wide variety of applications in interior design. The natural flax backing is breathable, temperature-regulating, unbleached and proven to be allergy friendly.