Raw Material: Fragrant lavender stems and blossoms

Scent: Balanced

Light fastness: Balanced

Abrasion resistance: Mild

Vibrancy: Balanced

Backing: Flax Backing

Format: Rolled goods, width: 1.360 mm

MOQ: 1 m² (≙ ca. 0.74 running metre)

Weight: 480 g/m2

Thickness: 1,2 mm

Flexibility: Bending radii up to 0,5 mm

Translucency: light-permeable


Lavender smells heavenly and is proven to reduce anxiety and stress. For this surface, we use lavender blossoms and a lefover product form lavender farming: fragrant stems of the plant are processed. This way, the surface noticably increases your wellbeing, while being environmentally friendly. The nicely natural flax backing is part of the design thanks to the medium density of the natural fibres.

  • the fragrance of lavender is proven to reduce stress and anxiety
  • tha natural flax backing is part of the design
  • environmentally friendly use of leftovers


Lavender is one of the best known and most popular aromatic plants. The scent has a stress-relieving and anxiety-relieving effect. Our wonderfully fragrant lavender stems and blossoms come from the south of France and are sourced directly from an agricultural cooperative. We also use the stems, which would otherwise be a leftover product. The lavender is controlled by us to ensure its quality and is processed, mostly manually, into exquisite natural surfaces.

  • the fragrance of lavender reduces stress and anxiety and helps reduce insomnia
  • scents have the power to positively impact our mood through the limbic system
  • environmentally friendly use of leftover products


Our flax backing is made from natural components and certified OEKO TEX® STANDARD 100. Its temperature-regulating, noise-cancelling and moisture-regulating properties support a natural and healthy indoor climate. The flexible eco-friendly material is light-permeable and suited for a wide variety of applications in interior design. The natural flax backing is breathable, temperature-regulating, unbleached and proven to be allergy friendly.