Alpine Hay


Scent: Balanced

Light fastness: Strong

Abrasion resistance: Strong

Vibrancy: Balanced

Backing: Flax Backing

Format: Rolled goods, width: 1,360 mm

Firebehaviour: C-s1, d0 nach EN ISO 13501-01

Weight: 620 g/m2

Thickness: 1 mm

Flexibility: Bending radii up to 0,5 mm

Translucency: Opaque


The experience of real mountain meadows, brought to your interior spaces – with this unique natural surface. See, touch and smell the fragrant grasses and herbs from the Tyrolean Alps.

  • the fragrance of natural hay improves the indoor climate
  • the biophilic design of the surfaces increases wellbeing and reduces stress
  • the calm, earthy colours enable an intentional interior design


Our Alpine hay comes directly from the regional mountain meadows of the Tyrol. This keeps the transport routes to a minimum – in in line with the true sustainability principles we stand for. Our hay is sieved carefully and, largely manually, crafted into exquisite natural surfaces. The entire process is subject to strict quality controls.

  • the fragrance of fresh hay poititvely impacts the interior atmosphere and invokes positive emotions
  • helps in keeping the biodiversity of the inner alpine highland meadows alive
  • hay has a positive impact on our climate: 1 kg hay binds approx. 0.45 kg CO2


Our flax backing is made from natural components and certified OEKO TEX® STANDARD 100. Its temperature-regulating, noise-cancelling and moisture-regulating properties support a natural and healthy indoor climate. The flexible eco-friendly material is light-permeable and suited for a wide variety of applications in interior design. The natural flax backing is breathable, temperature-regulating, unbleached and proven to be allergy friendly.