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See your creative vision come to life with premium surfaces for walls and furniture, turning your spaces from ordinary to luxurious.

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Surface type: Alpine hay

Surface type: Sand Ash

Surface type: Lacquered White

Treat your Senses

Quality products that feel, look and sometimes even smell like the materials they represent.  


The renovation is clean and fast, without disruption or interruption. Hotels, shops, and restaurants can remain open throughout the restoration.


Renovate your interiors in a more responsible way by avoiding overconsumption. No need to throw things away. Just change its surface.

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Modernized Kitchen

Embrace sleek, versatile solutions that breathe new life into your culinary haven. Explore the limitless possibilities to refresh surfaces, elevate aesthetics, and create a modern cooking space that reflects your unique style and taste.


Discover the myriad ways to revamp surfaces, enhance aesthetics, and create a contemporary bathroom space that perfectly mirrors your distinct style and preferences.

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A better future


Keep the body, change the skin

DecoRevive is the eco-friendly alternative that renews your interiors while limiting your carbon footprint. By reusing existing materials, we preserve valuable resources, reducing the need for wasteful replacements and contributing to a more sustainable future.

New surfaces

Discover our new natural surfaces.

With our new DecoRevive Natural Surfaces, we bring nature into your interior. With their natural aesthetics, our impressive designs make your rooms come alive. You can see it, feel it, and smell it. Our natural surfaces create a good atmosphere and support your health. They help reduce stress, lighten the mood and increase concentration.

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